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By Ryan Mathre on Mar 17, 2014starkey-halo2-ric


Here at Starkey, better hearing is our focus. For nearly 50 years, our research and design teams have worked tirelessly to create award-winning hearing aid technology that enhances people’s lives. Despite all of our hard work, we realize that only a minority of those who actually need hearing help actively seek out and receive it.

On March 31, we hope to change that with the introduction of Halo™, a Made for iPhone® hearing aid engineered to be compatible with iPhone, iPad® and iPod touch®.

Sold under the Starkey brand name, Halo combines Starkey Hearing Technologies’ superior hearing technology with iOS to deliver a revolutionary solution that makes every aspect of life better – from conversations to phone calls to listening to music. Halo will connect with the TruLink™ Hearing Control app, which is available as a free download in the App Store.

Together, Halo and TruLink deliver the most personalized hearing experience ever, and are designed to:

  • Stream calls from your iPhone directly to your hearing aids using Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless technology
  • Use your iPhone remotely to control your hearing aids
  • Deliver pristine sound and exceptional listening clarity
  • Help you hear comfortably in noise
  • Eliminate buzzing and whistling
  • Stream FaceTime®, music and more directly to your hearing aid

In addition to seamless integration with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Halo hearing aids are also stand-alone hearing aids packed with Starkey Hearing Technologies’ best-in-class performance features including feedback cancellation, adaptive noise management and directionality.

For more information about the Halo hearing aid and TruLink technology platform, visit

Stay tuned to the Starkey blog for more exciting information on Halo!

By: Ryan Mathre

One thought on “Starkey HALO hearing aid is here

  1. I consider this to be a truly genius idea by any standard of conventional thinking. To make a hearing aid specifically to make using a phone easier is a wonderful idea. I especially like that the aid itself has a blue tooth option to stream calls directly from the phone. I must show this to my grandparents.
    Cynthia |


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