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Father, Husband, Son, Doctor

My name is Jared Young. I am a father, husband, son and doctor of audiology. This is my story.

I am a Utah native. I grew up in Logan, Utah. My father was a professor at Utah State University in the special education department. I grew up in a family of 8 kids that valued relationships and education.

I served an LDS mission in Chicago where I worked with the deaf community for most of my mission, which included teaching sign language classes in the public libraries, working deaf schools, and proselyting.

When I returned I started college at Utah State and immediately started working as a sign language interpreter for the deaf. While attending classes I took the basic audiology class and I knew that is what I wanted to do as a profession. I felt like I understood it and I loved it.

At the time I started in audiology, a Bachelor’s degree in communicative disorders was required and a Masters degree in audiology. Later the profession of Audiology decided to “raise the bar” and require a Doctorate in audiology, so I returned to school to get my higher degree.

I started practicing Audiology in 2001. I worked in Oregon for one year then returned to Utah. At every step of my career and with different locations, I have consistently loved going to work and even more I love the people I get to meet. Now that I have been an audiologist for over 15 years I have truly appreciated the education I received and my background because it helps me better understand and help those who I come in contact with.

Another aspect of what makes me who I am is; I live audiology! What does that mean? It means I test every hearing aid before I will sell it. I look at the acoustics of every room I go into. I test the sound level of most locations including churches, amusement parks, ball games, stores, restaurants, etc.

I use new technology to test beyond traditional testing. I have embraced the music side of audiology with custom headphones and hearing protection. I have used that passion to present to private companies like Poll Sound and Rocky Mountain Power and Pacific States Steel, and musicians like the BYU music department.

Audiology is as much a part of me as family and church and my patients know that. I like the phrase used by hearing manufacturers. When you hear better you live better.

Jared Young - Young Hearing
"I had ear impressions done by Dr. Young for some custom in ear monitors. Dr. Young was kind, passionate, and very thorough and detailed with his work. I really enjoyed getting to know him a little bit as well, he's a very nice guy. I really appreciated how inexpensive the produce was as well. The ear impressions were approved by the audio company, and when my in ears arrived they fit perfectly. I will certainly be back to see him again in the future! Excellent work!"
Justin C.
"I can’t recommend Dr. Young enough! Truly one of the best experiences I’ve had. He genuinely cares about his patients; he thinks outside the box and works with you until you find the best solution."
Jamie W.
"I have been working with Dr. Young for mine and my family's hearing needs for more that 10 years. I have very much appreciated his effort explain and help me understand my needs and the options for hearing aids and hearing health. He is always willing to do whatever needed to help my needs, never pushy on hearing aid products and very informative. I highly recommend Dr. Young!"
Scott W.

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