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Dr. Jared Young Au.D., FAAA, CCC-A

Look for the Young Hearing ad in Sundays paper

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The Lyric hearing aid is the new and industry changing hearing product. There was noise reduction, then open-fit hearing aids, then feedback/whistle control. Now “invisible” hearing aids are the focus of every major hearing aid manufacturer. Some are great and some are not. The Lyric hearing aid is great. It is still the only one that can be worn for months at a time, and the only one that can be left in while taking a shower, and patients do not change the batteries. Patients don’t even have to remember to put them in because they stay in all the time, this means you hear better all the time (unless you chose to turn them off). Read more at: or make an appointment today.

Published by Jared Young, Au.D.

As a Doctor of Audiology, my primary objective is to deliver unparalleled hearing health care and support to my valued patients. By using cutting-edge technology and a patient-centered approach, I strive to empower each person to overcome communication challenges and rediscover the joys of active and connected living.

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  1. Jared, I have been wondering what happened to you then I saw your ad in this mornings Daily Herald.

    Darrell Louder

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