Hearing Healthcare

Are you happy with your hearing aids? Often I hear from first time patients that their fear of hearing aids comes from knowing friends or family that have hearing aids but don’t use them or don’t like them. The only reason they are willing to consider hearing aids is that their family, neighbor, friend, hometeacher, or doctor told them to “go see my audiologist” (Dr. Young at Young Hearing).

If you want to hear your absolute best, come to Young Hearing. I will give you the attention and care that you need to hear your best. See why my patients wear their hearing aids and are happy, and now refer their friends and family to goto Young Hearing.

If you want to be treated right, have great hearing from great hearing aids at the best prices CALL TODAY AND MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT. 801-489-7948

2 thoughts on “Hearing Healthcare

  1. What is the price range of your hearing aids? I have hearing loss from working at Geneva Steel for 36 years and what will insurance pay? I have Medicate and Conseco insurances. I volunteer at my grandkids schools and it is becoming hard to hear the kids.


    1. Michae,

      Call the office and we can meet to see what your needs are. If you have the Geneva steel insurance that has a benefit, then that can cover the cost of hearing aids.

      jared young


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