Lyric Hearing Aids

One of the many hearing aid options available today is the Lyric hearing aid.  Do not be confused by the different names and manufactuers attached to the Lyric hearing aid.  InSound Medical was the original manufacturer.  The WOW hearing aid was the Lyric hearing aid renamed to be sold through a network.  Sonova Holding AG. bought InSound medical.  Sonovoa also owns Phonak and Unitron hearing aid manfacturers.  Phonak being the face of Sonova now also advertises the Lyric as a Phonak product.  The product is still the only extended wear invisible hearing aid on the market.  The sound quality is still unmatched.  The affiliations trying to ride the Lyric wave has had other titles and connections.  Many other hearing aid manufacturers are also trying to ride the Lyric wave by duplicating the size, style, or marketing.  It is great when a new product changes the market.

2 thoughts on “Lyric Hearing Aids

  1. Hi There Jared Young,
    Thanks for that, I am 13 and i have hearing loss, but i don’t want my friends to know because its embarrassing. I got my hearing loss when I was two or three (we don’t know) so I don’t sound any different from my friends. I first got hearing aids when I was in 2nd grade and I thought they were sooo cool, so I got them in really bright colors but now I just want them to disappear! so I looked up invisible hearing aids and it came up with lyric hearing aids, but they look really painful and I don’t know if I could go in water with them. please answer as soon as possible!


    1. Robyn,
      The Lyric hearing aid, especially the new Lyric2, is very small. This is for comfort as well as hiding it from your friends. The Lyric hearing aid was the first, that I am aware of, that encourage their wearers to shower with the hearing aids in. They later did a study with patients who swim while using their hearing aids. They don’t officially tell you to go swim with them but I have patients that do. It is a case by case result. If you are interested talk with your parents and see about trying the Lyric.


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