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A.M.P personal audio amplifier

Those who are looking at the advertising of hearing aids may have noticed that the current trend is “Invisible Hearing Aids”.   It seems that every manufacturer is trying to release their version of an invisible hearing aid, a few to take note of are: Lyric, AMP, iMini, Otolens, Fuse, Zip, and the Grove.  The AMP hearing aid is manufactured by Starkey.  Hearing providers that work with Starkey are informed that they must sell it at $750 each ($1500 pair).  Of all the “invisible” hearing aids on the market that is probably the least expensive.  It does come with a wand/tool that can be used to turn the volume up/down or off/on.  For individuals on a budget or looking for a first pair entry level hearing aid this is a great option.  The traditional hearing aids that can be programed will vary in cost by the technology level.  The premium hearing aid in this category in performance and convenience is the Lyric hearing aid.  If you would like to try the AMP or Lyric or any of the other hearing aids mentioned please call our office 801-498-7948 and schedule an appointment today.

Published by Jared Young, Au.D.

As a Doctor of Audiology, my primary objective is to deliver unparalleled hearing health care and support to my valued patients. By using cutting-edge technology and a patient-centered approach, I strive to empower each person to overcome communication challenges and rediscover the joys of active and connected living.

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